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Bridge Builders Series

Lovingly crafted Workshops and Sessions to Support the Architects of Next Generation Ecosystems & Communities.

Networked Wisdom

Mycelial Knowledge

All of us together are smarter than any one of us. By opening spaces for diverse opinions and lived knowledge sharing, we grow our collective abilities and capacities together.

Emergent Alchemy

Meet, Connect, Embody

Through facilitated spaces of open knowledge sharing and community gathering, we develop precious strands of relationship and trust and create magic through the emergent conversations and connections between those who show up and contribute.

Technological Renaissance

Leading Edge

We support Builders and Architects of ecosystems to envision and build their vision. We explore exponential technologies such as blockchain, AI, and Network States. We merge people positive and complexity conscious thinking to help you navigate the leading edge of what is possible to help us navigate the metacrisis.

Be the change

Open Mastermind Spaces

More than just workshops, we gather the right people to come together and share concepts and ideas that are so new and emergent that they are often not yet mature and well formulated. We are not experts, we are facilitators. While we do have extensive experience and knowledge on many of these topics, we firmly believe that collectively we are much more brilliant and hold vast capacity as a community and our goal is to unlock that potential together.Our format is to introduce a topic, review some background knowledge, and then engage with you and your peers to discuss the idea, share knowledge, and connect around a shared passion.We build spaces for pioneers, for the builders of the future, and for those with ideas that are ready to be born. Come and meet like-minded people and connect, engage, and learn.

Workshop SERIES #1

Ecosystem Engines Workshop

The Power Engines of New Emerging Innovation Ecosystems and Communities.At this Workshop, we will introduce you to some terminology, concepts, and principles around designing and building an innovation ecosystem. We will share some knowledge and experiences of what has actually worked in practice, not just the theory. We dive deep into how these concepts leverage the power of collective intelligence and enable the activation and flourishing of communities of passionate contributors.Join us and learn more about Ecosystem Engines, their History and Philosophy, some interesting use cases, and how they can apply to you and your Projects.

WhenDecember 7, 2023, at 17.00 to 18.30 UTC
WhereLive on Zoom
TopicEcosystem Engines
Cost$49.00 USD

Your Hosts

Facilitation | Systems | Zen

Nori Nishigaya

Shepherding communities, building trust networks, and installing emergent social operating systems

Tech | Punk | Philosophy

Felix Weber

Supporting Architect, Builders and Contributors on their Journey at Next Generation Ecosystems

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